The Feldenkrais Method is for everyone.  It is like having an owner’s manuals to how humans move but also quite a bit more.  So if you are:

    • a dancer and are looking for ways to improve the quality of your movement,
    • a musician who must always move and hold their instrument in repetitive ways,
    • if you teach movement: like yoga, dance, pilates, martial arts, or are a sports coach,
    • or maybe you practice a movement art and want to improve our practice
    • a chef who may have a neck, back or hand injury due to a repetitive movement
    • someone who works in an office setting at a computer for many hours, sitting is hard work
    • a car mechanic who must work in unusual positions
    • a person who has been in an accident and wants to recover from pain
    • someone who has had a joint replacement and still feels discomfort or limitations

The Feldenkrais Method® will add a novel dimension that will invite you to become aware of how you are moving and provide new options for motor learning.

I recommend finding an Awareness Through Movement Class or individual instruction some people say it’s like magic but their is a “method”.