Reaching Out From Within – Online Mini-Workshop

Saturday, October 3rd 

10:00 am – 12:30 PM

In any act of giving and receiving, pushing and pulling the use of our hands, arms and shoulders are essential.  Whether it’s a musician making music, a sculptor making art, a mother caressing her baby, a carpenter using her tools, a cook preparing a meal, hugging and shaking hands (remember those days), we use our hands and arms for almost everything.  Actually, we are using our entire self  — along with our hands, arms and shoulders.  And the Feldenkrais Method® is a uniquely potent way to learn and cultivate a more integrated, flexible and easy way to not only reach out but to live.

In this Awareness Through Movement® workshop, we will focus on freeing the upper back, shoulders and arms while strengthening the functional and neurological connection with the pelvis.

This is an ONLINE workshop via Zoom.

Cost is $30

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